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ABC Cake Decorating Supplies is your complete resource for baking supplies. We carry thousands of products, from piping tips and cookie cutters to packaging and cake pans. More than just offering you the supplies you need to make something delicious, we’re also a resource for tried and true recipes!

The next time you’re thinking about going to a cake store or buying pre-made baked goods in Phoenix, AZ, stop! We’ll help you create something even more delicious! Browse through our extensive selection of recipes below to find one that’s right for you. From birthday cakes to cookies, chocolates to candies, our recipe collection contains something for everyone.

Cake Recipes

Cakes are the classic way to celebrate a special occasion! From a big birthday cake with tons of candles, to a regal wedding cake with a bride and groom on top, cape helps us commemorate the most special moments in our lives. The only way to make it even more special is to bake the cake yourself! Check out our cake recipes and start mixing the batter for your own one-of-a-kind cake.

Icing Recipes

No cake is complete without icing. We have great recipes for icing that you can use on cake, cupcakes, cookies and other baked goods, to take the flavor up another notch. Give our Royal Icing recipe a try or use a more understated frosting to practice your decorating skills. Whatever you’re baking, we’ve got the right frosting recipe.

Candy Recipes

From gummy candies to hard candy, our recipes are great for any Phoenix, AZ baker looking to branch out from pastries into confections. These candies will be a hit, whether you leave them out on your kitchen counter or bring them to a special event. Our recipes are also very scalable, so you can make enough for everyone!

Cookie Recipes

Whether it’s the Christmas baking season or you’re making cookies for a school bake sale, the right recipe makes a big difference. Our cookie recipes are tried and true and easy to adapt and tweak to perfect your very own original recipe. Plus, they’re easy! Check out our cookie recipes to get inspiration for your next batch of baked goods.

Chocolate Recipes

Calling all chocolate lovers! We’ve got chocolate recipes that’ll make your mouth water. From confectioners chocolate to modeling chocolate, whatever you’re making, we’ll make sure it comes out looking and tasting great. Our chocolate recipes are simple to follow and will have you licking the bowl!

Vanilla buttercream birthday cake with colorful sprinklescakes with sprinkles