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Pure White Light Rye Flour

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This premium-quality flour milled from rye has the bran and germ removed, delivering rye flavor with a light color. Milled from cleaned, sound, scoured rye, it's ideal for: Pan and hearth-type rye breads, rye rolls and buns, and as a dusting flour.

White Rye Flour is perfect for light rye breads, artisan loaves, and other baked goods.  White rye flour has been sifted twice in the milling process to remove the bran and germ.  It is a creamy white color, more tawny in tone than wheat flours.  It produces a very mild-flavored bread with just a hint of rye, almost a sourdough-like taste.  (Dark rye flour contains the bran and pigments for a darker, stronger tasting flour used in dark rye breads.)
Just blend white rye flour with your high-strength bread flours to make perfect breads. (Most rye bread recipes call for 25% to 40% of the flour to be rye flour.)  White rye flour is very mild with just a bit of sourdough-like tang.  It makes great breads.  It is also added to muffins, scones, and pizza doughs to ""soften"" the flour.  The rye flour dilutes the gluten in the wheat flour making a more tender product.  Try substituting up to one-third white rye flour in your recipe

Fine-grained, light rye flour perfect for breads, muffins, and more. It makes great breads. It is also added to muffins, scones, and pizza doughs to "soften" the flour.

Ingredients: milled rye. **May contains traces of Wheat

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